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OK, we’re all learning how to do this new stuff, some slower than others.

I’ve tried to respond to Sili (http://silwanekanjila.amagama.com/blog/2007/05/29/the-toothless-paradigm/), but it disappears into the ether.  Maybe he’s also got his moerderator on.  Hey, Sili – you’ve got mail.

 Anyway.  I still cannot believe that Sili has not heard of the Passion Gap.  Here is some litter from my inbox:



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Hiddy, hope you survived your weekend. C’mon, dish the dirt the suspense is killing us-

But I digress.

While checking out old blogs this weekend, a seed of an idea germinated, and I really think it could work-


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Dolce: SQ

Hey Dolce, you’re almost as famous as Sili…

Your reply to my query on ‘SQ’ is in the Cape Times this morning (also on the iol website, and France Africa News, Africa Law News, Cyprus Law News – the list grows by the minute)

Maybe you’re even more famous than Sili!

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