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I’ve heard an interesting theory about the midlife crisis:

At forty, most people are midway through their economic lives. They’ve studied and worked for twenty years, and have twenty years to go before retirement. They are usually at the peak of their professions and must decide whether they can do the same thing for another twenty years; or if they should jump ship and change direction.

I majored in Industrial Psychology. I know this stuff. I know why I feel this way, and that it’s OK to feel unsettled.

But I’ll be damned if I know which way to jump.


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Have you kept any of your old love letters?

This morning I came across one written during a very destructive relationship I had about fifteen years ago. Despite the fights, we had some amazing times together.

I have no idea what he’s doing now, or even if he’s alive (he was one of those who threatened suicide at least three times during a row). I’d love to just say hi and find out what’s happened in his life. But he’ll probably turn into a stalker. Or worse, not remember me. So I think I’ll just leave it be.

For now.

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Wendy Knowler’s Consumer Watch exposed Shoprite for selling defrosted chicken breast fillets as fresh. Shoprite claimed that a ‘Previously Frozen’ sticker should have been put on the pack.

The complainant had assumed that the ‘pinkish liquid’ in the punnet was the result of the defrosting process.

Wrong. It is leakage from the saline solution injected by the supplier into the chicken breast, totally legally. Knowler mentioned this without flinching, which makes her a far stronger woman than I am.

This means I’ve been eating birds that have had the equivalent of a boob job.

Smacks of foul play to me.

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Rayda Jacobs’ Masquerade is published by Umuzi, an imprint of Random House.

I’ve read ninety pages and have already found two typos. They’re not your average misplaced-apostrophe typo though. They indicate that the editor is not familiar with the English language, which is worrying.

Even Word doesn’t recognise ‘make-belief.’ And who the hell is Mary Quaint?

I don’t believe I’m being too pedantic. People were paid to pick up this sort of thing. If the author insisted on these phrases because they are, say, ‘family’ words; then tell me by putting them in italics.

Someone needs a new day job.

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Chris Gibbons was discussing the merits of Harry Potter on Cape Talk’s Midday Report.

Assuming you, the average bookworm, start your ‘reading life’ at age twelve, manage to read two books a month, and live to seventy; you will only read about 1500 books in your life.

Considering that many bloggers are ‘about’ thirty years old, you’re probably only going to be able to read about 1000. Of the millions of books published, which thousand will you choose? Would you read the same book twice?

And if you are an adult, should Harry Potter be one of those precious thousand?

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Hun is so going to enjoy this when I tell write to him.

The doctor just told me to shut up. He says I talk too much and too loudly.

I’m not allowed to whisper either. Or clear my throat. However, I am allowed to cough. This is good because I have also contracted the dreaded lurgy, and am now a snot factory.

I’ve got polyps on my vocal cords. Google showed me that they look like a distorted version of those Rolling Stones Lips. Charming.

I think my warranty must have expired. All my bits are falling to pieces.

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Natalie came 16th out of 24 swimmers in the 10km swim at the Olympics yesterday. Only 1 minute 22.2 seconds behind the winner.

Imagine being the person responsible for knocking Natalie off her scooter in 2001. The accident itself is dreadful enough; but imagine having it rubbed in every day: in the newspapers, on the radio and television.

As far as I’m aware, the name of the driver of the vehicle has not been disclosed. I’m sure it would be quite easy to find out; but for once, the media have shown some respect.

Let’s hope it stays that way.

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