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My left arm has been incarcerated for 56 days. The parole officer declared that as there is normal radio-capitellar alignment on the lateral view, I could be released. Just sign on the dotted line…

Everybody lied about the exfoliation issue. Nobody told me about the sensory overload.

Or about the scrambled messages from resting my forearm on the cold tabletop to type…not recognising ‘cold’.

Or about how erotic it feels when my fingernails scrape my palm which has had no human contact for eight weeks.

Or how good it feels to give Mr Muffin a full frontal unencumbered hug.


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 I’m a sucker for new products. Especially for baaaaaad food.

Yesterday was a double whammy…

Bokomo Premium Double Chocolate Rusks: I was a responsible consumer and noted that they were similarly priced to the normal rusks. But when I got home and opened the box I noticed the large expanse of emptiness above the bag. Hmm. Bokomo got me good this time. Only 400g of product. Normal rusks: 500g.


 Cadbury Cashew and Coconut: Magic words: “Limited Edition”. Thinks…Must buy it now, because it won’t be available next time. The suckafool didn’t even make it over the threshold of Muffin Manor.

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It’s been a week since the Claremont Pick ‘n Pay reopened. Today I thought it would be safe to go and gawk at their sushi bar. Wrong.

I get parking on level 4, which should have been a clue…

Bloody hell. That’s the queue to get into the shop.

I sigh and head for Kenilworth Centre because it’s Friday lunchtime, and all good Muslims should be in Mosque. Wrong again. All good Muslims are shopping for Eid.

So I turn around to go home and warn Mr Muffin that it’s stale bread, droopy celery and tinned tuna for supper tonight.

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Have you noticed that the more ‘advanced’ a town is, the straighter the roads are into the town?

Winding roads are straightened by cuttings which dissect hills, and bridges which span rivers. Flyovers are built over difficult terrain and mountains are tunnelled through.

I can’t think of any exceptions. It makes sense: In simple terms, the easier the access, the more likely people are to trade with that town. Spending money to make money.

The Huguenot Tunnel to Worcester was opened in 1988. The second tunnel has recently been earmarked for completion.

Now is the time to invest in Worcester.

*More information about the new tunnel. (Warning: This is quite a large file.)

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Top Bike - Contents page

Top Bike - Contents page

Top Bike - October 2008

Top Bike - October 2008


The Muti Trek* is a cover story in the latest issue of Top Bike magazine. More than ten pages of photos and editorial. Extremely valuable exposure for Ducati, and great advance publicity for the book.

It’s just a pity that the article is so poorly written. Factually and grammatically. I paged through the rest of the magazine, and it was all equally bad. Not good for the publishers, Media24. There must be plenty of journalists out there who could do a better job. But how many of them would be prepared to spend eight hours a day writing about motorbikes?

*More stories by me: Here, here, here and here.

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A pigeonhole snapshot for the definitive moments of your life.

Remember when you heard about Lady Di’s accident? And the tsunami? Where were you? What were you doing? How did you find out? Who was the first person you told? Why that person? Where was the closest radio or television you turned to, to find out if it was true? Did you wonder if it would affect your life, or just pass you by?

And today.

Where were you when fourteen cabinet ministers resigned? Will you remember this day next year, or is it just another tempest in our teacup?

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