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So which one did you think of? Neil or Lance?

Both of these men have had massive media coverage in the last few days: for Tour la Lune and Tour de France.

Forty years ago, Neil and his mates were toasting their successful return from the moon landing. Springbok Radio captured the moment. Colin Cullis played the clip on Cape Talk’s Hard Drive on yesterday afternoon.

I’m ashamed to admit that I sometimes wonder if the moon landing was a hoax. The conspiracy theorists can be quite convincing in their arguments, particularly the ones about the psychological advantage of winning the
Space Race
against Russia. And Hollywood was big enough back then to have been in on one of the biggest scams in history.

And it doesn’t help that NASA admitted that they no longer have the original tape of the landing. “We must have taped over it,” a spokesman said. Hollywood to the rescue…

But I digress. Cullis played this clip as an introduction to Google Moon, which provides even more proof that the moon landing was not faked.

Cullis said that the lack of technology in 1969 forced the world take America’s word back then. Even so, it would have been one hell of a stunt to pull off. But now Google Moon is the ultimate argument settler. Just like Wikipedia, right?

So, says Cullis, with all this new technology, providing all this irrefutable evidence, how on earth can anyone not believe that Lance Armstrong walked on the moon?

‘strues Bob. That’s what he said.


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