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January: Decided that being phoned on the beach on 3 January by clients whose VAT payments had bounced, sucked. So I gave up my business. Still a few clinging to the apron strings.

February: Played soccer with Flutts and clare. Still limping.

March: Did my 13th Argus Cycle Tour, marshalled, cycled and handed out medals to thousands of sweaty Two Oceans runners. All great experiences.

April: Built a set and did the lighting for a play.

May: Mr Muffin’s son returned from Italy on a Ducati. Much rejoicing.

June: Spent a day with mort. Still recovering from those chocolate bombs.

July: Discovered Diemersfontein chocolate pinotage and had a haircut.

August: Got the cooties, a granuloma and broke my arm. Dolce and LB came to see the play I directed. Nice quiet month.

September: Mrs Muffinex and her husband came to stay for two weeks. I like her. Really I do!

October: Semisweet and nossie came to Cape Town. More eating.

November: Had my 25th school reunion. Connected with my English teacher, and may be doing something theatrical with him next year.

December: Signed up to do Theory of Literature at Unisa next year, and UCT Summer School Creative Fiction Writing.

Conclusion: More laughter than tears. 8/10


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On 6 May 1954, Roger Bannister ran the mile in 3:59:4, achieving the ‘physiologically unachievable’. 

‘They’ forgot to tell him that it could not be done.

Young Roger became the first person in the world to break through the elusive four-minute barrier, also known as the Dream Mile.


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For nineteen consecutive years Two Oceans has been run on Good Friday by runners who choose not to run races on Saturday for religious reasons.

The main differences between the Friday run and the Saturday run, are that the roads are not closed and there are no refreshment stations.  On Friday, runners are allowed assistance from a ‘second’, providing them with water and energy drinks.  As there are no marshals to guide the runners, competitors must ensure that they are familiar with the route, because if they get lost, they are really on their own.


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The second International Friendship Run was held on Good Friday, 21 March. Two Oceans runners from over 60 countries were invited to take a leisurely trot through the Cape Town city centre, past historical landmarks and key points of interest. 

Starting at the Good Hope Centre, the participants meandered through the Company Gardens, past the Museum and Planetarium, into Bo-Kaap, and finished in the Waterfront. 

Loads of vibrant colour and smiles ahead of The Big Day.



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Feeling a bit like a bloated slug, I took myself off for a wobble-and-plod around Rondebosch Common earlier this evening. And finding most forms of useful exercise boring and uncomfortable, I have an array of toys to amuse me along the way: the heart rate monitor ensures that I do not over-exert myself, and the pedometer tells me how many kilojoules I have incinerated.


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